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Our vegan Bolognese is a healthy and delicious ready meal specially designed for vegans. Made with our hemp seed tofu, which is gently prepared using 100% hemp seeds and water without any additives, this dish provides a rich and complete vegan protein source. Our menus are prepared using only fresh ingredients according to traditional recipes from Roger's Kitchen and are then chilled, packaged, pasteurized, refrigerated and shipped to maintain freshness and quality. We cook at the beginning of the month, allowing us to cook quantities specifically to ensure each dish is fresh and full of flavor. Enjoy this delicious vegan Bolognese dish in just a few minutes, whenever you're looking for a tasty, healthy and convenient meal.

Bolognese, minced meat, chilli, curry

38,00 CHF Regular Price
35,00 CHFSale Price
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  • The menus will last for around 20 days in the fridge at a maximum of 5°. Then please freeze for a maximum of 12 months.

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