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Now available in subscription

Experience Italian delight with our

"Bolognese like in Italy" ,

authentic and irresistibly delicious. Or try our "minced meat in farmer's style",

a rustic dish that will delight every palate. Our "Chili con Hanftofu"

is a real eye-catcher and offers an exciting fusion of taste and spice. For lovers of exotic flavors we recommend our

"Curry Masala Style",

a delicious journey into the world of spices and flavors.

All of our ready meals are easy to prepare, vegan and full of healthy ingredients. They are ready to serve in just 15 minutes in the steamer or hot water (80°) and offer a taste revelation that you shouldn't miss.

Surprise your family and friends with the unique taste and numerous possibilities of our hemp seed tofu ready meals. Enjoy the high quality and sustainability guaranteed by the use of natural ingredients and environmentally friendly production.

Let our variety inspire you and make your meals a real moment of enjoyment. Order now and let our team advise you personally. We are always happy to help you.

Discover our latest ready-to-eat menus for an incomparable taste experience, now also available for our online shoppers! Choose between our subscription offers for 3, 6 or 12 months and enjoy delicious meals delivered straight to your home.

Hanf Tofu in rotem Masala auf Goa-Art_harmonius-rezepte-roger-style.jpg

Masala Curry Goa Style

Discover our Curry Masala Goa Style: A combination of homemade spices and fresh ingredients. Enriched with plant-based hemp seed tofu, it offers a special texture and taste. The Goa style preparation combines authentic flavors with carefully selected spices for an intense taste experience. Every bite reflects our passion and craftsmanship. Let yourself be enchanted by this extraordinary dish. Enjoy your meal!


Minced meat with hemp seed tofu

Plant-based mince with hemp seed tofu: A Swiss classic reinterpreted. We preserve the authentic taste and texture by using high-quality ingredients that are carefully combined. This dish is reminiscent of traditional family meals and Swiss values. It is versatile, from sandwich toppings to main dishes. Discover the familiar taste of Swiss cuisine in a vegetarian and vegan version. Enjoy!

spagetti bolognese mit hanftofu - marina-2.jpeg

spaghetti bolognese

Discover our unique Bolognese: a classic that everyone loves. Prepared with fresh vegetables, tomatoes and spices, we preserve the authentic taste of Italian cuisine. Our Bolognese is not only delicious, but also versatile and ideal for meat-free days. Even meat lovers will be impressed by its rich taste and texture. Enjoy it with family and friends and taste the love and care that goes into each dish. A culinary experience that is also good for the environment and animals. Enjoy your meal!

ZH Hanftofu zürcher geschnetzeltes.jpg

Zurich Gschnätzeltes

Our Züri Gschnätzeltes is a culinary highlight straight from Zurich. With ingredients from the region and our special hemp seed tofu, which is grown in Zurich's sun, it offers an authentic taste experience. This dish combines the city's culinary traditions with the uniqueness of hemp, which gives it a special touch. Every bite is a tribute to Zurich's rich history and its lively markets. Let yourself be seduced by the aromas and enjoy a piece of Zurich on your plate. Enjoy your meal!


Chili con hemp seed tofu

Discover our Chili con Hemp Seed Tofu: A fusion of carefully selected flavors and textures. With our handmade hemp seed tofu and a special spice blend, we offer a culinary experience that is both creamy and spicy. This plant-based dish shows that flavor does not have to rely on animal products. Our blend of hot, sweet and savory spices gives it an unmistakable depth. Let yourself be seduced by this unique taste experience and enjoy the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. Enjoy your meal!

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