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Target: CHF 29,900

Pioneering work

A unique product

Swiss technology

Dear customers, guests, acquaintances, friends and family,

In order to make our latest developments and creations accessible to a wider audience, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Click here for the link WEMAKEIT.CH

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! It helps us a lot if you like and share our posts on social media. We will keep you updated there.

Does it make you hungry

Send us an email request so that we can discuss shipping for the menus with you.

ready to heat menü vegan mit Hanfasmen tofu  von harmonius onlineshop.png
ready to heat menü vegan mit Hanfasmen tofu  von harmonius onlineshop - ABO.png


pralinen-schokokugeln-marzipan-nougat-hanfgusa_harmonius-shop_2016 (2).jpg

Truffles+pralines without nuts

250 g box of chocolates to give as a gift. (including shipping costs)

Discover culinary masterpieces in our crowdfunding offer: Handcrafted, nut-free hemp seed truffles and pralines that melt in your mouth. Our creations enchant your senses with their unique hemp seed base for incomparable enjoyment. This set tells the story of loving handcraft, selected ingredients and unsurpassed quality. Experience heavenly pleasure for the palate and eyes - support our crowdfunding and secure these delicacies before they are sold out!

hanfsalben duo.png

Hemp Ointments Duo for Beauty

Soothing skin ointment with natural essences: Discover the healing power of nature with our soothing skin ointment. Our formula of high-quality hemp oil, coconut oil, beeswax, geranium and lavender gently soothes the skin, relieves injuries, illnesses and irritations. This ointment revitalizes the skin and reduces signs of aging. The hemp oil promotes skin elasticity and gives a radiant complexion.

Floral scented skin ointment for anti-aging: Pamper your skin with our fragrant floral skin ointment. It contains hemp oil, coconut oil, beeswax, geranium, lavender, rosemary, Israeli jasmine and Bulgarian rose. This unique combination improves skin texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The hemp oil, rich in vitamin E, acts as a powerful antioxidant and preserves a youthful glow.

Nourish your skin with our harmonious blend of plant essences and natural oils. Our salves not only provide natural relief and anti-aging benefits, but also a sensual experience for your senses.


Hemp salad set from Freiamt

Our hemp seed salad set is the perfect combination for any salad. Simply add 2/3 hemp seed oil and 1/3 apple balsamic vinegar. All raw materials are grown in Freiamt.
My tip: first put the salad dressing in the bowl, place the salad on top and sprinkle with hemp seeds. Option: add fresh herbs.
Mix everything together with salad cutlery and serve immediately.

Alternatively, the peeled hemp nuts can be roasted. Be careful not to overheat them and always turn them well with a spatula.


Sushi Event

I have loved sushi for over 30 years and developed my skills as a sushi chef in San Francisco. Back in Switzerland, I deepened my knowledge by completing two training courses with a Japanese sushi chef. Since then, I have organized numerous sushi events for customers at home or in special locations.

Now you have the opportunity to book such a unique event through our crowdfunding. Your guests will love it! If desired, guests can even top and roll their own inside-out rolls. This event is designed for at least 25 to 30 people. As a sweet finale, we serve our delicious hemp ice cream, which is made exclusively from frozen fruit, raw sugar and hemp milk. Drinks are not included and can be arranged separately.

We look forward to sharing an unforgettable culinary experience with you and your guests. Support our crowdfunding and secure this exclusive sushi event!


Grill event on beech wood

Our crowdfunding campaign allows you to book a first-class barbecue event that uses the finest ingredients and culinary sophistication to create unforgettable taste experiences. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

  1. Entrécote: Tender piece of grilled beef, perfectly marinated and grilled until juicy.

  2. Lamb racks: Delicious lamb chops in one piece, tender and aromatically grilled.

  3. Black Tiger Shrimps: Large, juicy shrimps, grilled to perfection and refined with delicate flavors.

  4. Chicken: Tender boneless thighs, carefully grilled and glazed with a spicy marinade.

  5. Grilled vegetables: Fresh Mediterranean vegetables, lovingly marinated and perfected on the grill.

  6. Risotto: Creamy risotto, refined with selected ingredients and an ideal accompaniment to grilled delicacies.

Our events promise culinary highlights as well as a convivial atmosphere and unforgettable moments for all participants.

For further information or bookings please do not hesitate to contact me. Support our crowdfunding   and secure one of these exclusive events for your company!


Dinner Hemp seed tofu Ready meals

Discover our hemp tofu ready meals: A culinary revolution that combines taste and sustainability. By combining hemp seed tofu and sous-vide technology, we offer a unique taste experience. Our menus are high in protein, environmentally friendly and contain no animal products or additives. Support us and you will receive exclusive access to new creations and become part of a community that is committed to sustainable food. Together we can pave the way for a better culinary future. Thank you for your support! 🌱🍽️

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