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In collaboration with ABAC R&D AG and Angst AG Zurich, we have developed a tofu-like mass made from hemp seeds.
Our HEMP TOFU is a world first, an innovation based on plant-based proteins and many other macro and micronutrients. All in all a SUPER POWERFOOD


Ordering process

A super collaboration of

Harmonius GmbH Raw material cultivation and processing

ABAC R&D AG - Research and Development

ANGST AG Zurich - Manufacturing and Logistics

Thanks to the patented production process HETERO-COLLOID TECHNOLOGY ( HCT ), we offer a very high bioavailability and a completely natural and protein-rich food. As a raw material for your menu highlight, as a semi-finished and finished product.

Shelf life: stored in the refrigerator, at least 9 months from production.

ANGST AG Zurich produces the hemp tofu and ensures that it comes to your kitchen. Meatless products that are not alternatives.

Ordering options:

Products Name:

Zellavie organic wietofu, bag of 200 g - Article No. 29162 - ANGST AG Zurich

Kilo blocks also available on request.

Available to order now from:

ANGST AG Zurich: If you are new, register new customers -

Or order from

The price per kilo from Angst AG Zurich: Made with organic hemp seeds from the EU - Fr. 29.80

Now at the special price for Veganuary of Fr. 20.00 p. Kg ( 30% )

For larger quantities, we have hemp tofu from Swiss hemp cultivation, but it is not certified organic. These batches are always small. We are happy to take this into account for longer-term collaborations.

Here you can order the general price list from Harmonius for Gastro.

Happy holidays and a successful new year. Stay fit and healthy

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