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Hemp, orange blossom, lemon balm, lavender blossom, verbena

It is better to have a nice tea ritual before falling asleep than to swallow a sleeping pill. Many customers today have a peaceful and deep sleep with our calming and sleeping tea.

Hemp Calming & Sleeping Tea 40g

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  • Boil water. Always pour tea over it. Allow to brew for 8 minutes.

    Herbal teas can also be poured over at 70 degrees. If the tea is left to stand for 15 minutes, the temperature drops by about 2 degrees per minute. Tip: Set a kitchen timer

    Suitable for hyperactive or restless sleeping children.

    Preparation : Make yourself comfortable and drink the tea hot or warm. Then get ready for bed. It is important that you are ready to sleep within 45 minutes. If you exceed this peak, "the train has left the station".

    Important note : This tea is not suitable for drinking during the day. And especially not before or while driving or operating machinery.

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