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Aroma scented pillows - organic herbal fillings As we breathe, we absorb unique active ingredients that are released from the essential oils of herbs. They can have a particularly beneficial effect on health. This effect is enhanced by heat - body heat or heating in the oven. Before we even perceive scents, they have already reached our subconscious via the brain. Herbal pillows can have a positive effect on our mood and our emotional life. This effect can also be achieved by laying them on.

Our plant creations are scented pillows of typical landscape moods: as magical forests, flowering meadows, sunburnt garrigues, magnificent mountain panoramas or as a cultural landscape garden.

Five mood pictures in which the four elements are also represented. Hay flower/air, Provence/earth, Alpine region/water, monastery garden/fruit, united in Sylvana as the quintessence of all development possibilities that lie protected in the darkness of the forest until man can take them up on his path through life.

Hemp Aroma Fragrance Pillow

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  • Take the pillow out of the Grip Bag and put it in the cloth bag provided. After about 4 weeks the effect wears off considerably (according to observations in a nursing home over a period of 12 months). Knead the pillow 2 to 3 times, seal it airtight for 3 days (Grip Bag or Tupperware). Then put it back in the cloth bag and place it next to the pillow again. This process can be repeated 3 to a maximum of 4 times.

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